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Monday, November 6, 2017

Working Together to Create Change

My name is Yakubu Salma Mamaawey, I am from Tamale and a volunteer working for International Service in Ghana, precisely in the Northern Region. When I was selected to be part of the ICS RAINS project I was very happy because I knew that my passion to help the youth actualise their dreams will come to past.

The Safe Choices project is aimed at creating awareness on issues that has to do with sexual health and also on kayayei, through community and radio sensitisation. We also include community members who voluntarily work as peer educators.

Our First Community Sensitisation in Nanton Kurugu
When people come together to achieve a particular goal, their differences becomes invisible and their willingness, similarities and passion stands out. This is what our team stands for. Working with the UK volunteers has shown me the importance of the concept of diversity to be able to successfully work together in a cross-cultural context.

My team members from the UK are very friendly and accommodating, they are always willing to help and share ideas that will bring positive results concerning our project. Their interest to learn the Ghanaian culture as well makes them lovely and irresistible to work with.

Currently the Safe Choices team have worked hard to create a sexual health manual, which covers a lot of sensitive health topics that are essential to our day-to-day lives. Some of these topics include: teenage pregnancy, the menstrual cycle, masturbation, infertility in both men and women, STIs and a lot more. The manual is to help our readers and the communities that we work with have more knowledge and control over their sexual lifestyles. By addressing these subjects, we hope to provide long-lasting support to young people, in order to keep them in school so that they can achieve their potentials and become great people in future.

We are seriously working on creating the awareness on kayayei, and how it endangers the lives of young girls who leave their communities to the capital cities in search of money. Our first community sensitisation took place in Nanton-Kurugu, and we look forward to doing more in our other communities, Zokuga and Langa.

Abigail and I during the kayayei role play section of the sensitisation

By Yakubu Salma Mamaawey

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