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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Lasting Positive Change Lies in Passion and Service: Part II

True wealth, they say is truly found in service. And as a volunteer on the ICS project, I have noticed that the staffs at the International Service, here in Tamale are truly wealthy. This is because of their countless services rendered out to volunteers like me with great passion. I found out very quickly that, from the country director's office to the team leaders on each project, all the International Service staff are truly serving to the last letter of their contract. I have visited other organizations, but the type of service rendered by the staffs of International Service is incomparable. From the beginning of my assessment till now, I have learnt three important lessons from this great organization. And they are; always working with passion, having a heart of service, and creating a lasting positive change.

My ICS RAINS Teammates
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Creating a lasting positive change is the slogan of International Service and in our various projects we are working towards this slogan. A “lasting positive change” means working towards sustainable solutions in the various communities we work with. For example, at ICS RAINS we focus on the training of our peer educators who work in the communities and also educating them on how to hold community sensitization in their various communities.  Being part of the ICS project as a volunteer, means I am also contributing to the sustainability of the development of my home country, which is a special and powerful feeling.

"Challenge Yourself to Change Your World"
Photo Credit: Harriet Braithwaite
I feel it's a nice a feeling to acknowledge the incredible work done by people who serve us unconditionally, at least it gives them the urge to serve us better. I want to use this medium to tell the international service staffs here in Tamale and beyond how grateful I am, for giving me such a great opportunity to work on the ICS project. Working with diverse culture broadens your mind to various opportunities around you. Wake up every day and ask yourself this simple question. What can I do differently to make a lasting positive change? The answer is, with passion and genuine service; you can also make a lasting positive change in your own way.

Working on the Safe Choices project at RAINS is a unique feeling I experience each day.  Going to the office to work with a team full of intelligence, great skills and positive energy towards the work makes the work easier and less tedious. But the most powerful feeling I have in my host home, is with my sister, yes a sister from another mother, my counterpart, my roommate, Chloe Ross-Brown A.K.A Yaa Chloe. A lady full of great personality, and a personality that wields a good heart. Chloe has a heart that accepts and learns the Ghanaian culture with enthusiasm. Let us make it a point to always work with passion, having a heart of service to create a lasting positive change. 
Chloe and I at a Ghanaian Wedding
Photo Credit: Jessica Ginnelly

By Abigail Darko

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