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Monday, August 7, 2017

Life Outside Home is Challenging, But Making an Impact is Amazing

This environment is unfamiliar! Can I cope with this for ten (10) weeks? How about my family? How about the fun activities I had with friends? The restrictions are too much!!

These were questions lingering through my mind after the first three days on placement. The reality dawned on me–“life outside home is challenging”.

The key question then was; should I give up? As I sat in my room, lost in thoughts, my eyes flashed my ICS T-shirt hanging directly opposite me. The back had an inscription “challenge yourself to change your world” There again I realised, after all, the ICS journey was a challenge in its entirety. I was motivated to keep moving.

The first week was full of planning the activities for the period. It was fun and full of expectations. But I wanted to make an impact.

We got into full blown activities in the fourth week after initial research on sexual reproductive health. Our visit to Nantong kurugu was revealing and re-energizing. I recovered my initial enthusiasm as I pronounced to myself, this is the ICS I desired to work with. The community demonstrated in conspicuous terms the impact that ICS (previous volunteers) together with the project partner had on them.

Volunteers Alhassan and Nikki receiving feedback from the Children's Community Club in Nanton- Kurugu

Members of the children’s club were more open and willing to share on sexual reproductive issues than my experience from other parts of Tamale. Their desire to learn and impact other lives was welcoming. But it did not end there. My timidity begun fading away as I exhibited some level of confidence as I got involved in the interaction. I also felt important in the team and realised how crucial it was to have people to support you. What a glorious opportunity from ICS!

I knew I could make an impact!

I knew we could make an impact!

I knew lives depended on us.

And I realised: “Making an impact was amazing”.

Volunteer Alhassan after the Children's Community Club in Nanton-Kurugu

By: Alhassan Yahaya, Volunteer, RAINS

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