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Friday, August 4, 2017

Jeff's Experience

Jeff’s Experience

Week 1From the beginning I felt very happy I was going to work as a volunteer, arriving at Radach on the first day alongside my fellow ICS volunteers. I was already really excited to meet people from different regions and countries, and walking into the room, full of welcoming faces made me all the more excited.I found my seat, alongside my fellow RAINS volunteers, whom I got to know over the duration of the day, as we were being introduced to our project. Following this, we were told that, that very evening we would be meeting our host families, whom we would be spending the next 10 weeks living with alongside our counterparts. So, after the day of training was completed we awaited the arrival of our host families.The journey from Radach to the home of my host family was quite far, however this did not detract from their beautiful home, and lovely family, whom we spent the evening getting to know over dinner.One of my favorite parts of the training over the following days at Radach was the food – wow it was amazing! And we ate a lot of it as a result. Work Begins: Monday 17th July 2017During the first week, we worked hard as Team Unity, bonding through our mutual desire for the project to succeed. Consequently, on Friday afternoon, we all went home for the weekend happy. Not only because we had officially become team unity, but because the project had finally begun!

Our First Guided Learning DayIn the second week, we also had a guided learning day around volunteering. This was led by Monalisa, Nikki and myself. I felt that it was a great success, and went really well. We had fun activities such as quizzes and debates to compliment the important topics we were broaching. These were important in getting everyone involved in the day, and making it enjoyable and educational for all. I loved it.

Week 3 – Our first meetingIn the third week, we had lots of work to do, as we were organizing a day with PPAG, NTCD’s in order to train the Peer Educators. It went really well, with our whole team working hard to organize it. The day itself was a success. It was interesting and educational, and I feel like we all really learned a lot. We used the whole day for the meeting which meant that it was also very tiring, but definitely worth it.

Week 4Now in the fourth week, we are planning to do our first community entry this coming Thursday. A lot of activities will be taking place on this day. This includes our meeting with the chief first and foremost, overseeing the Children’s Community Club and using the questionnaire’s we previously wrote around the Kayeyei, teenage pregnancy, Non Traditional Condom Distributors (NTCD’s) and Healthcare to retain information from the community of Nantonkurugu. Our team is currently doing really well to organize this day, working hard to achieve our goals to make this day and all the following ones a success.

What I love about my experience so far…I really love this project, as it has opened my eyes to a lot of issues in the world, as well as allowing me to work with lots of different and interesting people. I have also been using the work we have been doing to learn new skills which will benefit me in the future. My fellow volunteers are fun to be with, as we are constantly learning from one another. Our team leaders are also very hard-working, not only regarding the project, but also when it comes to keeping our team active, happy and united. As a result of this project, I think I will become more confident in myself and my abilities. However, my main aim within this project is to make a difference in the lives of others. A difference I aim to continue making even after the project has finished.  

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