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Monday, July 3, 2017

The One Where Langa Forgave Us!

As part of our job with RAINS we work with five different communities focusing on keeping children in school and sexual and reproductive health. The communities we work with are Nayorku, Langa, Nanton-Kurugu, Zokuga and Gbimsi. For a few years now our relationship with Langa has been strained and the past cohorts have worked towards rebuilding that relationship with them.
                On the 26th of May the RAINS teams travelled to Langa to establish a new children’s community club and take the biggest step in two years to working with the community again. It was our second trip to the community this cohort following an initial proposal to establish the children's community club. Being able to assure Langa professionalism and making sure safeguarding measures were put into place for the wellbeing of children was a huge key to our success to re-entering the community.
Sway, Illiasu and Emily running the children's community club

                On this day we were able to enter Langa and meet with the wonderful peer educators willing to help us at the school and also a group of local women eager  to discuss establishing a women's community club. We decided to keep the children's community club focused on two essential topics for our children's community club: Malaria and personal hygiene.
We started the programme with a talk about Malaria, we saw this as an important issue because of the rainy season. The children were educated on the causes, signs and symptoms, treatment and ways to prevent the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. However, the team focused our attention on the importance of sleeping under a treated mosquito net and destroying the breeding places of these mosquitoes through keeping the environment they live in clean.
The Malaria talk was followed by a Hygiene game to demonstrate to the children how disease can spread from person to person by hand by not keeping them clean. Therefore, we realize that there is a need to educate them on hygiene because it is said that cleanliness is the next to Goodliness for every society to develop. We then enlightened them on personal hygiene, types, benefits and consequences of poor hygiene. From our research we observed that hand washing can prevent most of the diseases around our region.  Proper hand washing was demonstrated to them to also keep their hands clean and safe.
The team with the children of Langa

The day was lovely and the children wanted to have us the whole day, but time wasn’t on our side to pursue that. There was a final bye-bye with children running after our bus.

Written by Godsway and Iliasu

The day was lovely as children wanted to have us the whole day, but time wasn’t on our side to pursue that. There was a final bye-bye with children running after our bus. 

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