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Monday, March 20, 2017

Stars of Radio Savanna!

Kingsley, Katie, the radio host and Latifa

As part of our mission to spread knowledge about sexual/reproductive health team RAINS decided to do some radio sensitisations. Radio is a wonderful way to start a discussion on a topic not often discussed openly in Ghana and get much needed information out to people and answer questions!

On Tuesday the 7th of March, 2017. Team RAINS embarked on our first radio sensitisation on ‘Safe Choices’ at Savanna Radio in Tamale. We had a very interesting  and educative discussion on teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 
Ibrahim, Katie, Latifa and Kingsley

Four members of team RAINS were at the radio sensitisation. Team leader Ibrahim, Kingsley and Latifa were able to deliver the sensitisation in the local language of Dagbani so that our audience could who could not understand English could still understand what we were saying. Katie Mullen also attended and the four of us spent an hour having a wonderful talk with the host and answering questions.

Our message to those who were listening to the radio program was that as a young person and being in school you should abstain from any sexual act. It is important to finish your education and do well at school and to abstain from sex until marriage. Northern Ghana suffers from one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates and this is a huge focus of the Safe Choices program. The more knowledge we can spread and people we can inform on these issues, the better things will be. Many people do not know that the condom is the only contraceptive that can prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.  

Our other message was to urge parents of small children and teenagers to take care of their children and pass on this essential information. Lack of sexual and reproductive health information is what leads to a lot of the teenage pregnancies and spread of STI's. So if we can help educate parents then they can educate their children and the information is shared more. Its a lot of work and things do not change over night but every little bit counts.

Overall the experience at Radio Savanna was wonderful. None of us had been on the radio before so the experience was new and exciting and the host could not have been more wonderful. We got to answer his questions and explain all the great work our team is doing. We cannot wait for another radio sensitisation and the spread more knowledge to people.

Written by Kingsley

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