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Monday, February 6, 2017

Settling into RAINS

For the first few weeks we have been getting to know all the volunteers on the ICS programme. We are beginning to learn and understand Tamale as a city as we try to navigate the city to find the best fabric shops, the best Indomie cafes, and the cheapest oranges.

Now as we enter our fifth week, we have established ourselves and have begun integrating into the community. Last week we have met with the staff of Marie Stopes to learn more about sexual health in Ghana, and how they deal with the legalities and social complications of their support. Also, on Thursday morning we met with the chiefs of Tamale to receive our welcome into the community, and discuss the chief’s passion for development. “In my ancestor’s time,” the chief told us, “we chiefs would fight each other for land and goods, but in this modern time we have to work together to fight poverty and ignorance.”

With this encouragement in mind, we are optimistic about the RAINS project and what we can achieve. We decided to use the chief’s wisdom to talk to our diverse team about why they chose to join the ICS Rains project.

“After working in S.E. Asia for a year I realised I wanted to see more of the world and try to make a change. This programme enables me to make a change and work with an amazing NGO. It also gives me the opportunity to learn more about myself and conquer personal and professional challenges. Also I get to learn how to manage a team and learn skills that will help me get a job in this sector in the future. The ability to get out of your comfort zone and experience a new culture is one of my favourite challenges and Ghana is not disappointing so far.” – Katie B (Team Leader)

Katie B

“To improve my leadership skills and also be an agent of change in our rural communities” - Ibrahim (Team Leader)


“I choose the ICS programme because I want to understand and know exactly what charity is all about and I also want to bring sustainable development to my community and to improve my confidence and my computer skills” – Linda


“I wanted to be a part of an organisation who is working towards worldwide equality. I also wanted to gain a greater understanding of international development and would be interested in working in this field in the future” – Katie M
Katie M

“I choose to do ICS because I want to work to change the world and help teenagers understand more about their sexual health and human rights” – Latifa

“I choose to do ICS because I wanted to build my confidence and improve my communication skills as well.” – Kingsley

 “I wanted to be culturally immersed in a community that was very different to my own, to challenge my own personal limits and make a positive difference in the process.” – Dylan

“I wanted to gain more confidence and learn more about myself and what I’m capable of. I also wanted to learn more about a different culture and try and make a small but substantial change in the hope I would impact at least one life.”- Beth

“I choose ICS to put a smile on the faces of people outside my community while demonstrating that someone somewhere cares about them. I also wanted to explore my career as a care-giver further” – Rebecca

 “I joined ICS because I wanted to make a practical difference after feeling powerless to help stop poverty and suffering that seemed to fill news stories and current events. RAINS was particularly exciting due to my commitment to feminism. Being able to live in another culture emphasises the importance of cross-cultural feminism in a world that often feels divided and detached.” – Alice

“I choose to do ICS because I wanted to explore the world more since it’s about going out of one’s home community and being fixed in a new one. I also wanted to challenge myself to change my world and to make the things that seem impossible, possible. – Anaamlie

“I choose ICS because I recently graduated in Anthropology and I thought ICS would provide me with experience to consider a future career in international development. I also particularly wanted to come to Ghana because I was so interested in the culture, in particular the fabrics for making dresses! I have also enjoyed meeting people from the UK and Ghana and overcoming personal insecurities and gaining new skills through the challenges on the programme.” – Elisabeth

Despite our varying backgrounds and cultures, we are all clearly combined in our passion for our new lives in Ghana and our project’s development goals. We all look forward to getting more immersed in our communities and setting our plans into action!

By Elisabeth Gray and Beth Crawford

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