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Friday, December 9, 2016

God Bless ICS!

I honestly can’t believe this… I have been in Tamale for over ten weeks! Let me introduce myself first; my name is Adindah Dominic and I am 20 years old. I am on placement with International Service, working in partnership with Regional Advisory Information & Network Systems (RAINS) on a project called ‘Safe Choices’. This project aims to help girls make the best sexual choices in order to prevent teenage pregnancy and remain in school.


International Service has teamed up with four local project partners in Tamale. We are Team RAINS and we are the loveliest team of them all! In this cohort (ICS 2 Cohort 5). I have in my team Portia, Ghana; Sian, UK [Team Leader]; Dominic, Ghana; Anthony, Ghana; Aimee, UK; Sheila, Ghana; Fiona, UK and Adjoa, UK.

Not with standing some members of my team falling ill in the first couple of weeks, my team stood its grounds and kept pushing through. We have actively worked together on our projects making positive impacts in communities we work in.



As part of the program, volunteers are placed in host homes within communities they work; in my case, Tamale. Host homes are mostly homes that have spare rooms with spare beds and volunteers reside in such homes during placement. Volunteers live with this new family throughout placement. I can 100% say I am happy in my host home, because my host home is the best. I wish I was going to stay here for a long time, and I really hate to hear my ICS placement is about ending. I live in my host home with my brother, Connor King from the UK and Mariam from Ghana. My host mother is the best woman I have seen in my life, she is kind in heart and she has a lovely family who are good to me, which is why it is the best home ever!

And hey, I can’t talk about my host home without talking about my new found friends in my host home, the three lovely dogs that always takes care of the house if everyone is not home. 

Project Opportunities
I have had the chance to visit the Tamale Chief. It was a great opportunity for me as I got to learn more about chieftaincy and leadership in the Northern Region of Ghana.

One of the challenging sexual health topics was the concept of consent. I realized that many people did not know what sexual consent was, including me, but being placed on the Safe Choices project over the past ten weeks has been an eye opener.

I can boldly say, during any sexual activity, consent is very important and that no always means no, it does not mean try again later or force the person.

My team and I have become very knowledgeable with the issue of consent and so we were able to host a refresher training about it; we shared our knowledge with peer educators from the communities we work in.

Having had all these nice experiences on the ICS project, I am confident enough to recommend it to my brothers and sisters between the ages of 18 and 25. I am also convinced now as to what to do for my action at home when I finish placement; I am definitely going to educate my community on sexual consent as well as peer pressure, because these two are very big issues in my own community.

I’ll update you on my progress!

Written by: Adindah Dominic
Edited by: Treve Portia

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