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Friday, September 16, 2016

Move skills towards development.

I have always thought about development ever since I thought of making an impact on all aspects of life. Therefore, when the opportunity came for me to be a volunteer with International Service on the ICS (International Citizen Service) program in the northern part of the country, I decided to use this opportunity   to improve upon the level of development in my country (Ghana). 

Volunteering with International Service  in Partnership with the Regional Advisory Information Network System ( RAINS)  which focuses on helping communities make informed decisions about their sexual health for the past two months has  helped me  improve upon my knowledge on certain topics such as teenage pregnancy, STIs, sexual consent and many more. 
Victor, helping some members of the children community club in Zokuga understand some sexual health issues.

Aside helping communities make informed decisions about their sexual health, ICS also gives us the opportunity to learn more about developmental issues at least once a week, which is my passion. During one of these sessions I had the opportunity to understand that ‘Development’ is the act of growing or causing something to grow as a result of implementing new ideas and sets of  goals in order to make them a reality in one’s society. However, since development remains my ultimate goal in terms of developing myself, my society, and most importantly the world, I believe that one needs to develop his/ her skills in order to contribute to the development of their nation. 
Victor preaching the ABC method and teaching the men of Gbimsi how to use a condom.

 Whilst I have had this goal on the ICS program with a couple of friends at the office, James and Queeny were working on their guided learning session as part of the ICS program.  They chose a topic on “youth in development“. And with massive research towards this interesting topic, both of them decided to educate school children on the topic since they are our future leaders, they need more education on development on how to be productive and make meaningful impact on their country and on themselves through the skills they have. 

On the day for the Guided Learning, we went as a group with roles assigned to everyone. I personally talked about security development, where I was able to educate the children on how to maintain peace and security among ourselves and made sure we don’t engage in activities that could cause insecurity. 
Apparently, this session really made me burn the midnight candle to research more in other to deliver a successful presentation. This really brought the best out of me in terms of my communication skills and the fact that i understood that, communication is an expression of love, care and a chance to connect with friends and new people around us and make them learn something from you in other to develop them. 

  As the saying goes ‘All growth depends upon activity’, there is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work. We had our team leaders (Portia and Sian) supporting us to bring the effort of work out of us in attaining this goal. 

 However , I believe that, if we, as  individuals,  try as much as possible to work on our skills and use them to develop the people around us, we will help them to help  our country to grow to meet its needs and eradicate poverty to make the less privileged develop as well. I believe development is about we coming together to help one another physically, intellectually and mentally.
ICS made me  realize my hidden skills and how I used it to impact into school children and a lot of people around me and most importantly sharing it among my volunteers on the ICS program, hence the title of my Blog.

Therefore it is necessary to develop our skills and use them to develop people and at the end, put a smile on their faces. 

Written by Victor Ekissi.
 Edited by Treve Portia.


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