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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Gracious Personalities

Huzeima, 24, Tamale

At GILBET hotel in Tamale and in one of Regional Advisory Information and Network System -International Citizen Service (RAINS-ICS) discussions, everyone was asked to mention their skills and talents. Writing, public speaking, planning, researching, and communication were among the lot mentioned. Well, it wasn’t just talks; we do have people who walk the talks. Some people have more than one skill, but together as a team we can do anything. Are you ready to meet them?

Back row (from left): Latif, Terry, Derrick, Lewis, Edem TL
Mid row: Simran, Charlotte TL, Alice, Jenny
Front row: Jacob, Sandra, Maria, Huzeima, Charlotte

I would like to introduce our team leaders first, Charlotte and Edem. We have one leader that leads by demonstrating courage (courageous leader) in the face of risks and the unknown like Abraham Lincoln, and the other brings about change by serving (servant leader) like Oprah Winfrey. Charlotte and Edem are like Abraham Lincoln and Oprah Winfrey; can you imagine the two working together? They can achieve anything if they concentrate more on each other’s strengths. As for the volunteers, any work regarding physical strength, research, planning and using personal resources Terry, Derrick and Charlotte Love will be more than willing to give a hand.  Charlotte Love is always ready for work and patient too, I wish I could be like her. Maria, Jenny, Alice and I will also do anything to help the team provided we are not tired. Jenny is good at putting things together and Maria can get things done quickly.  I am trying to be a good public speaker and Alice listens well but talks only when necessary. Sandra and Simran are cool always, very calm and wouldn`t be the people to put us into trouble. Latif is good at risk assessment and ready to speak his mind. Lewis and Jacob together are good in writing. Together they have created the ICS-RAINS blog and uploaded the first write-up. I almost forget to say that for software issues trust them with it.

Peer Educator Training conducted at RAINS office for 13 individuals from
Nanton-Kurugu, Langa and Zokuga
However, it is not just about the individuals and their abilities but about the power possessed by the individuals collectively as a team with a common goal: making positive impacts on individuals living in rural communities in northern Ghana. Together, so far, we have created a lasting impression on the people of Langa, Zokuga and Nanton-Kurugu. We have identified and trained Non Traditional Condom Distributors (NTCDs) and Peer Educators from these communities in the issue of safe choices and sexual health education. We hope that this will make our impact sustainable in the long term as we pass the responsibility of promoting safe sexual practices onto those within their communities.

Lastly, I would like to share with you what I have learnt through ICS so far. I have learnt not to judge people by their words and appearance but to get to know them well. I feel like everyone is alike in a different way, but what I know certainly is that we all need love and respect. I have also learnt many new skills. I can create my own blog now, thanks to Lewis. Most importantly, due to ICS, I got to know that I have a career goal in common with others in my team, which is to be the voice of the voiceless in society. To ICS, I say MPAGEYA, THANK YOU.

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