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Friday, April 10, 2015



This week has been phenomenal, not forgetting the amazing In-Country Orientation and Induction we had last week. The team has settled in very quickly and we are poised for real work. 
We are excited to be on the RAINS project - Students for Schooling and Safe Choices. We believe our volunteer work on these projects with RAINS is good way to assist communities in northern Ghana reach their full potential. 

What you should know about ‘Safe Choice’ and ‘Students for Schooling’ project.
Team Rains with staff of RAINS
Students for Schooling (S4S) is a twinning scheme between private schools and government schools, whereby partnerships are created in order for the schools to share resources, knowledge and ideas and to foster a greater sense of friendship and active citizenship among the students. In rural communities in northern Ghana, lack of funds to purchase uniforms or stationery is a major factor in preventing children from attending school, so the ultimate aim of Students for Schooling is to reduce the number of children out of education through recycling local resources. Every child deserves an education and through S4S, RAINS is striving to ensure children have the tools at their disposal to achieve one.

We will also be working on Safe Choice for the next eight weeks ahead of us. It is a project that is aimed at improving knowledge on safe sexual practices and choices, reducing teenage pregnancy and the various sexual and reproductive health concerns of teenagers, adult men and women. The purpose of this project is to reduce the number of girls dropping out of school as a result of teenage pregnancy. We educate communities on the use of contraceptives to reduce teenage pregnancy. In this cohort, we seek to reach out to over 2000 people (teenagers, female adults and male adults) with our community sensitisation.

Do you want to know why the members of this team chose to be on the International Service - ICS volunteer programme? Then follow this video to watch what everyone in this team has to say...

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