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Friday, February 13, 2015

This is what we call, 'CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT'!

By Celestina Azelekor

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!      The dynamic team is here again!!!!

We’re five weeks down the line with IS- RAINS and it has been so amazing. Team RAINS is a team making constant progress in activities, and defeating the challenges that face us. The team is made up of people with unrelenting positive attitudes, bundles of energy and full of new ideas.
Meet Tina, Tash, Will, Hana and Bismark; presenting
and picking donations @ Peggys

What is RAINS all about?

RAINS is an NGO which seeks to develop the capacity and livelihood of people through empowerment. It's really been 'RAINING' in Northern Ghana, for the past 20 years, due to the numerous capacity building and intervention programs being undertaken by RAINS.

The ICS team has been working in partnership with staff of RAINS, in ensuring that peoples' are worth living.

What is Capacity development?

Development is a process not just results; it is the transformation of institutional and individual capacities. Only that can lead to sustained change for the better.

Capacity development is the process by which individuals and organisations develop their ability to set and achieve their own objectives. Beyond this general statement, there is a little agreement on what it means. It is said that, capacity is weak in many African countries but it depends on the country in question.

Empowerment and better organisations at the community level are a means to achieve better health and education. An empowered community or person is better prepared to respond to any opportunity or challenge that may come along. Until this becomes the ethos for development in Ghana, progress will remain slow.   IS and RAINS are partnered in the hopes that they can help to develop the capacity of the people in the Northern Region.  

What have we been doing so far?

This is the fifth week for cohort 9 and the team has been busy! The team had airtime with North Star Radio talking about how everybody needs to learn as much as possible about sexual health, the need for contraception to be taught alongside abstinence, and how a less reserved attitude toward talking about this issues will lead to better knowledge for all.
Team RAINS on North Star Radio

The team also paid a visit to Peggy’s Preparatory School to make a presentation to the pupils. The presentation highlighted the need for students who are more fortunate to help less privileged children by donating their old school supplies. This helps other pupils who are out of school due to lack of such items to get back to the classroom. At the end of a successful presentation, the students were delighted to know that their donations are actually helping to change and develop other people’s lives.  

As a team, we are doing a lot to build and develop the capacity of people which cannot be said now. We are so proud as a team because, even though there were challenges regarding the budget, RAINS is amazingly powering through and making things a success. 

This is what we call, CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT.          

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