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Friday, January 30, 2015

Achieving results early!

By Hana Abdul-Rahaman

Hey everyone! Now you have met Team RAINS, let’s find out what we do during the week. We are cohort 9 and we work on three projects:

Students for Schooling
The purpose of this project is to partner privileged schools with less privileged schools. Unneeded or old uniforms, bags, shoes, stationery and PE kits are donated to students in the less privileged schools who do not have these things.

Safe Choices
The purpose of this project is to reduce the number of girls dropping out of school as a result of teenage pregnancy. We educate communties on the use of contraceptives to reduce teenage pregnancy.

Farming for Futures
The purpose of this project is to increase the number of boys in schools and make farming less labour intensive. Boys in Nayorku, West Mamprusi (the community we work in) help out their parents on the farms instead of going to school.

Group work in the RAINS office
We were divided into three groups to study the last cohort’s reports and recommendations and then we fed back to the whole group what we had learnt. After learning about the projects we were then allocated tasks to perform in the various projects, which led us to putting together a team plan.

The team have been amazing as we are getting along so well with each other. Working together and brainstorming ideas for the projects has been great and everyone is playing a major role. In the course of the week we did a team bonding exercise where each person stated what they had learned so far. This also helped us to learn more about each other.

What have we learned so far?

  •  Learned to listen more
  • Communicate and listen more
  • Adapting and understanding the UK accent
  • Open more and share with others
  • Learn to do without the internet and electricity
  • Reading more on the project and research
  • Living the Ghanaian way of life

Evaluation session in Ticheli

Hana evaluating the last cohort's sensitisation session with a focus group
of girls at Ticheli
Thursday was a good day for team RAINS as we had the opportunity to leave the office for the first time. We had our first evaluation session in Ticheli, one of our Safe Choices communities. We arrived on time believing it was an hour drive from the RAINS office but it took close to 15 minutes. We evaluated the work of the last cohort’s sensitisation session on sex education.

Alima (a volunteer from the last cohort) and Tina evaluating the last
cohort's sensitisation session with a focus group of women at Ticheli
At the end of the session we realised the community still remembered some of the things that were discussed in the last sensitisation session done by cohort 8. The sessions were productive because we had a lot of participation from the community. The women wanted to know more about menopause and the girls thought it was a good idea that they are taught sexual health in schools since they are not taught at home.

We hope the community will be able to put what is taught to memory and practice them as well.

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