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Friday, November 21, 2014

We are all like teabags

By Alimatu Bugri

Samata and Alima speaking to a group of teenage girls about
puberty and sexual health
I should admit that I've discovered some of my capabilities on the ICS programme through the demands of our tasks.

When I was selected for International Citizenship Service (ICS), I began to think about how to work with my team because I did not know who they were and that was a worry for me. But God has been so wonderful I have had a great team that I was able to cope with in doing my work. I am grateful to all my team members. Cheers!

I just want to use this platform to share some of my lessons on this program.

I have learnt how to relate with people of diverse cultural backgrounds. The ICS program has given me the opportunity to interact and work with different people across the country and its borders. This has helped me to know how to live and work with different people to achieve a common goal.

Team RAINS looking fresh-faced in their first week
I have learnt how to communicate effectively. Through our community education and sensitisations, I have had the uncommon privileged to educate girls on sexual health.

In the technological front, I have far advanced in the use of computers and the internet through my daily duties and with the help of my team mates.

It has been worth being part of this program because it has helped me discovered more about myself.

We are all like teabags: we do not know our strengths until we are put in hot water. 

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