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Thursday, November 27, 2014

The season has been great but the RAINS will soon end

Sherifa with children at Tua Sunnia school after an
evaluation session
By Sherifa Mustapha

Just like the seasons, there is always an end. Though it marks the beginning for another, it saddens me knowing how close we are to the end. After the bonding and the fun it all just comes closing on us sooner than we thought. We met new people: each and every one of us from different homes brought up in different ways. But it was not too long before we became family and now we are counting towards the end.

We had our last sexual health sensitisation and probably the best of all at Gukpuhu-Tua. The turnout was amazing and the community
members were so cooperative. Saying goodbye to the community members gave me a sad reminder of how soon I will be saying goodbye to my team members. The forms and paperwork getting done is our wrapping-up activities for the last few days we have left in the office.

Madame Katumi from Marie Stopes International talking
to the women at Tua
I say the RAINS will soon finish, but with hearts filled with happiness we have been able to shower on most of the roots we planned to. We made the best out of the season and we know it will go a long way to help those who our blissful showers could reach. From the farmers in Nayorku who had a successful co-operative group trained on how they can sustain it to become independent, to the almost 500 people (MEN, WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS) who were successfully educated on sexual health, disease awareness, symptoms, prevention and possibly treatment, and finally to the plight of the children who could not be in school because they had no uniforms.

I know this is ending for us now in the present
Chentiwuni and Alima responding to the sounds
from the drummers at Tua
RAINS team, but as we all know, no matter how dry the land is only RAINS can get the land wet and fresher, and I trust the next RAINS team together with our super awesome team leader (Natasha Chentiwuni Hallett) will do more at their best.

I am proud to be a member of the RAINS team and to all my team members I say AYEKOO for a successful term in your placement and for the amazing times we spent together and to our partner organization RAINS we say TIPA’AYA PAM.