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Monday, November 17, 2014

Successful sensitisations

One of the sensitisation sessions at Ticheli community
By Salifu Alidu

Another week has started and as usual everyone was reminded about the task they are supposed to complete.

We first made a visit to Kanvilli Tawfiqia to evaluate the last cohort’s work on sexual health education. It was very successful and we had our questionnaires answered so we are now analysing them. 

There was also a visit to the office of PPAG for some boxes of condoms for our sensitisation at Ticheli and Kanvilli – fortunately we got five boxes ready for action.

On Tuesday, two important issues were addressed.  Letters were sent to the Tamale Metro director of education and another to the Savelugu Municipal director of education. The purpose was to seek their permission for the implementation of our Students’ for Schooling project.

One of the sensitisation sessions at Kanvilli community
On Wednesday, we had our first sensitisation session on Safe Choices at Ticheli. The whole programme was very successful. We were able to educate 75 people on the dangers of STDs and STIs, and how to prevent them. We also educated them about contraceptives and their uses.

On Thursday there was a group reflection at the office. It was Hannah and Alima that lead the group on the topic of social justice and equity. They defined what poverty was with regards to Ghana and the UK. They talked about the causes of poverty and how to reduce it in our various communities. Human rights issues were also discussed as well and countries with the best and worst human rights records were outlined. Sweden was first in terms of human rights issues in the world with an overall score of 89.16%, while Democratic Republic of Congo was the last.

The last day of the week took us to Gukpeg-Tua to book a day for another sensitisation. After a discussion, the chief and his elders fixed the date on next week Friday for the sensitisation. And Friday afternoon we held another successful sensitisation at Kanvilli.

Thank you for following our blogs, another one is coming next week!

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