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Sunday, November 2, 2014

High fives at the halfway point

By Mohammed Bakir Shuayb

Everything is moving on as planned.

On Monday as usual, everyone was asked and reminded about what they were to do for the week.

Calls were made to the various schools and communities we planned to visit during the week. Even though positive feedback was received after those calls, one unfortunate incident which would have derailed our work was a national strike.

The government schools we had planned to visit informed us they were on strike. All public workers, especially teachers, had embarked on a nationwide strike and so could not meet us or carry out any school-related activities that would require the services of teachers.

Fortunately for us, team RAINS has different projects running, one of which being Safe Choices. Our attention was moved to that programme waiting for the strikers to resume to their post.

Interaction with some teenage girls
in Ticheli community
Tuesday was set for a visit to Ticheli community – the chief’s palace to be precise – to ask for his permission to visit his community for a health talk. There was a fruitful conversation as we were welcomed happily with a kola nut presented to us as part of the tradition of the northern part of Ghana. If you pay a visit to the chief’s palace you would go with a kola in the olden days, which is now replaced with money in most instances. Afterwards the chief will in return also give some kola to you as a sign of accepting you into his community. We receive the kola in return and we tasted it in front of the chief as a sign of also accepting his welcoming of us to his community.

A consensus was reached between us and the chief later in our discussion and next Friday was set as the day for the visit to carry out the health education. Questionnaires and baseline assessments were carried out with some selected teenage boys and girls to find out some brief information about the community - it was well conducted and answers received from both groups. Afterwards, the team returned back to the office to decide on the next line of action. 

Bakir in a chat with the administrator
of one of the schools
On Wednesday the team was divided into two groups. This time around it was for the Students for Schooling project. One group visited Abe Halperin school and the other team members went to Central Lyceum for a presentation to seek for donations for the uniform sharing project. This was delivered successfully by both teams.

The team is actually into serious business and so Thursday was not something different. The team went to Bamba International School for a presentation on the Students for Schooling uniform project. A box was given to them for donations to be taken to a beneficiary school later next month.

Before the close of work on the same Thursday, the team had a meeting to evaluate our work so far: whether we are on course or we are lagging behind. At the end of the discussion there were smiles on the faces of the whole team members because a lot has already been achieved. 

On the final day of the week, ie Friday, the team, together with another International Service team in Tamale, went to the Kanvilli chief’s palace to seek for his permission to have a sensitisation programme on Safe Choices. The two teams were well received by the chief and his opinion leaders and a date was set separately for both teams to visit and have our sensitisation programmes.

The team in a pose with the chief of Kanvilli
and his opinion leaders
After a consensus was reached, the team took off to the RAINS office and had a clean-up exercise organized by the office to keep our environment clean and tidy. 

High five to team RAINS for a lot has been achieved so far and a lot is expected to be achieved. Keep following team RAINS and you will be updated weekly.

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