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Friday, October 17, 2014

Ready, go... #TeamRAINS on the move

By Emmanual Osabutey

All plans are drawn, objectives clearly defined and roles specifically assigned! The third week of the ICS program is literally when the whistle is blown for a takeoff. We have over the days made assessment of works done by the previous cohort, and this is the time to bring to the table what we have to offer.

The week began by selecting members of our team to attend the monthly meeting held by our partners, RAINS. At the meeting we officially shared with them our activities and what has been done and achieved over the past one week of occupying their office space. It was all-fruitful and they pledged their support to help the team in all our activities, which indeed was a great form of motivation.

Without wasting time, the collection boxes for the Students for Schooling (S4S) project were prepared and made ready to be sent to the donor schools. Calls had been made to the schools earlier and the teams were invited for presentations and more interactions: that was the beginning of serious work and real fun. Our first stop was at Peggy's Preparatory School. The team was warmly received by the management of the school. After the short time spent with the children, we are so glad we left with the affirmation of their willingness to support the S4S scheme to help other children who are vulnerable to drop outs as a results of lack of or inadequate schooling materials.

Research have been done in the area of sex education among children, parents and entire communities as well setting up clubs as a safe space for girls to discuss this issue. One great challenge has been to come up with the right approach to deliver our education and sensitisation program in the local context but after some interactions, the team is having a headway in how to plan and execute this task.

For our Farming for Futures (F4F) project, it has been a little bit difficult going into the farming community to monitor progress. However, plans are ongoing to visit the community and pour out, one at a time, what we intend to do with and for them.

The week also saw the group reflection session and several fun-packed activities. Sherifa and Salifu (the pairing was not intentionally to put names starting with S together, it was a random process), took their first turn to educate the entire group on what they have been thinking about from the inception of the program. They enlightened the group on ICS (International Citizens Service) and You, where they explained to the team several forms of learning one will experience on this program. To ensure a holistic development, a cross-cultural programme has also been fused to help the UK volunteers learn the culture (especially language) of the in-country volunteers and vice versa.

It's only been a few days but so much has been achieved. Thumbs up #teamRAINS! Not to mean we have just arrived, but this is just a fraction of the picture. Trusting we are all bent on working harder to leave a mark … we urge you also to keep following while we update you.

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