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Monday, July 29, 2013

What a difference a week makes

Last week started slowly but as Ghanaians say, ‘oh wwoooowwwww’ it really picked up pace towards the end!

We started off putting the finishing touches to everything that we would need for our two day field visit to West Mamprusi, where we would be spending as much time as possible administering questionnaires on our two main project areas. Once this was done, we started to get excited about the future of the project and how much local culture we would be able to soak up.

Haffiz and Sophie (complete with serious face)
hard at work
So Wednesday came in a flash and the trip started off really well. Our questionnaires designed for the girl focused pregnancy project, started turning out some really good results right from the start and buoyed by our initial success we ploughed onwards! But inevitability, we ran into a few problems, which came in the form of the boys questionnaires. They were unfortunately unable to provide enough relevant information that we could move forward with, but I guess we were always going to have a few issues with a project that has such broad potential.

Some of the young mothers that
were interviewed in Nayoko
It was GREAT to get into the communities and meet some of the potential beneficiaries of the projects that we will eventually be setting up and I for one was very impressed with the positive attitudes of people who are facing major challenges on a day to day basis. I was also very impressed with the team, especially how well they handled themselves during interviews. But we could all tell that Beccy loved interacting with the community members, going the extra mile by really trying to relate to the young mothers on a personal level, before squeezeing as much information as possible out of them.

As stressful and tiring as the whole trip was, we all realise that we took one giant leap forward and only a couple of steps back last week. I am sure this will not dishearten the team who are already hard at work resolving the issues that arose and analysing the data gathered!

Haffiz playing 'the teacher' at a school in Wulugu
Aren't they just amazing…. Who fancies bringing me a cup of tea while I put my feet up and watch them beavering away!?


OK OK, I’m sorry, I’m joking. Time to get back to work I think, before I get into too much trouble!


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