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Friday, July 12, 2013

Outside RAINS it’s raining.

Hafiz handling the day care..
So offices in Ghana are a little bit different from the ones back home, from babies to bugs it’s an interesting mix!

This week has been about getting stuck into our project and coming up with some very ambitious plans. The boy focused project has been the biggest hurdle for us all, attempting to decipher what remained of the last teams’ results and research, I think we’re all starting to realise the limitations of resources from other agencies.  We have decided to target our research in West Mampousi district as this contains that schools with the lowest and highest dropout rates for boys.  So far we have created a new questionnaire which is now all ready to be taken out with us into the field next week. We aim to learn a bit more about the reasons why boys drop out of school to support their families. I think we are all looking forward to meeting the communities we will be working alongside over the next few months!

 'Calm' before the storm...(photography courtesy of Laura)
Next up on our extensive to do list is attempting to reduce the dropout rate in schools due to pregnancy. We will be using a cultural group as a tool to raise awareness about contraception, HIV/AIDS and general sex education. The cultural group is a great link with the communities as the locals can relate to them and enjoy the show! We were visited by the leader of the group and to put it frankly he’s a tremendously cool dude, Laura fell in love with his Vanilla Ice-esq pants and MC Hammer bling. As part of a cultural exchange we decided that we were going to do a performance to show case GB's traditions for them. Laura and Matt kindly came and informed us all that we are going to be dancing around and making fools of ourselves in a traditional British Morris dance routine.
I promise this is Ghana..

Aside from all this, the rains have now fully arrived, tropical and torrential downpours are now the norm and our tans our suffering...

Laura and Sophie

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