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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"I'm not your tour guide"

Team luncheon in the rain
Becky, Laura 'Diz', Hafiz, Matt and Sophie
Dasiba from the whole team in Tamale! After a very long and hot journey we are the third cohort of the International Citizen Service's scheme to arrive at our placement at RAINS (Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems,) an NGO in Northern Ghana. Over the next three months we will be working for Rains on a number of projects - but our ultimate goal is to build upon the research of our previous team which concluded that many young boys aged between 11-16yrs drop out of school due to livelihood reasons. In response to this work we hope to produce a concept paper which contains proposals about how to address this problem. We will be writing on this blog every week to keep you up to date on our progress. For now, the only thing left to do is to introduce the team!

Here are a few questions I asked everybody to give you a taste of what we have been up to so far...

Sophie being an African Princess!
What have you enjoyed the most so far?
Sophie - "Despite the shame of being made to get up and dance in front of everyone, I loved the cultural dance presentation on Saturday - especially learning some new moves!"
Hafiz - "Meeting the team, finding out that Becky is a vegetarian - very cute!"
Becky - "Getting caught out in a thunder storm, when it rains in Ghana - it pours"
Grace - "I loved our market challenge on Saturday, we got sent in to the market and had to haggle for everything; it felt like we were on an episode of the apprentice!"
Diz - "Hafiz's local Dagbani language lessons were spot on! My must have words are Nzo (Friend) and Wagashi (Cheese - difficult to find in Ghana!)"
Matt - "Waking up in the morning to find a goat right outside the window along with general Ghana craziness."

What are you going to miss the most from home?

Our office for the next three months
Diz - "Cheese and my Grandad"
Sophie - "My three legged cat stumpy"
Hafiz - "Computer games - (need for speed)"
Becky - "Sweet Tofu and garlic"
Grace - "Mindlessly reading fashion blogs"
Matt - "Friends and family"

What excites you the most about the project?

Hafiz: "I'm looking forward to working on the boy project about livelihood options, because that would put them in a better position to make a living - and it is an issue that hasn't received a lot of attention in Ghana up until now"
Sophie: "Getting out into the field and meeting the communities"
Grace: "Seeing how social media impacts NGOs (mostly because of my Facebook addiction) - I hope that my hours wasted on it can finally be out to good use!"
Becky:  "Researching girls education, because i'm very interested in studying it further."
Matt - "Learning about the best ways of managing different types of people!"
Diz -  "Getting involved with the cultural dance group!"

All us ugly mugs in Team Ghana
That's all for now folks!



  1. Great to hear about what you are all up to at RAINS, cant wait to see the next installment! From Zoe at the International Service York office

  2. Hello team Ghana, well done to you all, and if it's any consolation it has finally started raining here too! I'm with you on the girls' education Beccy, educate just one mother and you educate the whole family.
    Keep safe love Mim x