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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mission Nellie

Field Report.

Mission: Locating African wildlife – specifically, Warthogs, Antelope and Elephants.
Location: Mole, Northern Ghana, Africa. 
Residence: A floor in an old school. Running water located nearby. 
Transport: By Foot

Mission log:

13:30 UTC: Started waiting for transport at Metromas Depot, Central Tamale. Transport failed to arrive at specified time. Set off from Tamale at 17:00 UTC, team morale low.
19:24 UTC: Arrived at gates to desired location. Told to leave the vehicle in order to gain access. Access secured in exchange for 20 GHC, returned to vehicle and drove onward in search of sustenance.
20:12 UTC: Arrive at food source.Attempted to gain sustenance - waited for two hours.
22:00 UTC: Sustenance secured. Team morale high. Return to residence in anticipation of early start.

05:30 UTC: Set off on expedition. Supplies, including sun block and water were scarce. But the team ploughed on. We met our contact, Moses, and started our mission.  
07:00 UTC: We were struggling, no sign of Elephants, but given hope when we stumbled across some wild Warthogs and Antelope. Team morale boosted at this point. We were also aided by the vista; some comrades commented that it was quite unlike anything that they had ever seen. We continue through the forest, climbing through mountains in search of our desired species.
10:00 UTC: Our contact, Moses, received a tip off regarding the location of the desired species. Our only obstacle now was successfully tracking these wild animals. We set off on foot across the marshland. As the pace quickened, injuries were sustained.
10:20 UTC: Species successfully tracked. Three wild Elephants were located through the trees and by the watering hole. Our team managed to keep on the trail of the Elephants for over half an hour, observing their behaviors which included; eating leaves and bathing in the watering hole.

Evidence of conditions and sightings.

Species at watering hole.

Species in natural habitat.
The treacherous conditions of this mission are clear to see. 

Mission status: Mission complete.

This is the account of: Comrade Pengelly

Mission photographer: Comrade Howlett