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Friday, February 8, 2013

Wake up and smell your own coffee

by Rhogan

Ok, so as mentioned on our Team page, I have been longing for a refreshing brew accompanied by a few meagre biscuits. Unfortunately, I was not as primed as some of our friends north of us in Sandema who decided to bring 120 Yorkshire Tea bags along for the trip. Nevertheless, I am hankering for other nourishments which I wholeheartedly assumed (as did some of my other colleagues) would be abundant in Ghana.

This country is the world’s second biggest cocoa producer. Ghana’s neighbour, Ivory Coast, is the biggest. Yet ask for a hot beverage anywhere in Tamale and the response you will get will most likely be ‘Lipton or Nescafe?’  Instant coffee is plentiful and this is understandable considering both countries produce mainly the Robusta variety of beans, which are used in instant coffee and espresso. But still, a cup of ‘real’ coffee would be nice, in addition to a bar of Ghanaian made chocolate, which also seems to be in short supply.

[caption id="attachment_211" align="alignright" width="237"]blue jeans energy drink Tamale Ghana Blue Jeans energy drink: Feel the Superpower[/caption]

Fortunately, Ghana plans a fivefold increase in coffee production by 2015. Let’s just hope that not all of this is exported and a few beans are kept in Ghana for the locals and tourists to sample. After all, I know from my own experiences that dabbling in a country's local cuisine is one of the best parts of travelling. If you headed for Japan, would you not try some sushi? Upon landing in the Emerald Isle, would not most of us enjoy at least a sip of the black stuff?

With Ghana’s economy being amongst the top 10 fastest developing in the world, tourism is more than likely going to increase. It makes sense for the country to make the most of what they have and add another feather to their cap. In turn, giving the rest of the world another reason to visit and experience what Ghana has to offer.

Yet I do not believe I’ll be waking up any time soon to a freshly ground ‘cup of Joe’. In the meantime, however, I do believe the tasty beverage Blue Jeans will fulfil my caffeine needs and help me to ‘FEEL THE SUPERPOWER!’ Even if it does mean I irrepressibly shake for the remainder of the day.

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  1. Ha - I know what you mean about the chocolate - decided that was the only souvenir I would buy in my week in Accra - finally found some in the airport shop tucked beneath all the other international same-olds - had to buy a box of bars. It's hard to the point of brittleness, all the white stuff has migrated to the surface - but it tastes amazing! My husband who spent his teen years in Houston says the whitening effect is the heat. I think dropping cubes in hot milk might be divine (without a capital D).
    Liptons. Why? Tanganda tea. Malawi tea. Kenya tea. Anything but Liptons.